Idea for the Touch RPG

September 5th 2005, 7:21 pm

First, I'd like to take the time to respond to the comments that I got...

davr said...

A great beginning! I love these kind of games. The graphics are perfect too

Thank you, much appreciated. :) I love these games VERY much and almost wish I wasn't making it so that when it came out, I could enjoy the storyline. ;P

JaJa said...

Heh, great game. Can you get further than that grate?
You should try and make it so it's easy to change the story and graphics so it's like an rpg maker. I would love to make an rpg, but don't know (and haven't the time to learn) how to code.

This is almost exactly like how I am going about this. There is a main engine, and then a script portion that tells the engine what sprites to show, what to display, and what sounds to play. I also have a script editor/compiler that would allow someone to VERY easily change the plot around (if they invested a little time learning the script). I want to release my sprite creator as well soon, but will do so after the update is made (that I will be mentioning soon).

-=Jstart=- said...

WOW! Awesome! Love the touch and sound stuff plus gfx are great. Would love to see this truned into a coding library like libfb! I have been trying to figure out sound forever so yah awesome game! can't wait to play the whole thing!

Again, thanks! I don't think I will be turning it into a coding library itself (although it relies HEAVILY on libfb), but the game shell is easy enough to take out data and modify that anyone with the source could have their own game out as fast as they could create the levels.

Now... I was sitting here pondering ways to save space, and I realized that most of my sprites are quite large because each pixel is two bytes, not because of their actual size on the screen. I also realized that most of my sprites have very few colors (no more than twenty on the largest ones, closer to 3-4 colors on average). Can you say pallates anyone? On sprites without many colors, I think I can confidently achieve a "compression" rate of 1:5 or almost 1:6 in some cases. This is good news, as I wanted this to be wifi'able, and if not, at least fit on any homebrew boot method (~2.7MB, 4MB max respectively), so any space saved is awesome.