Why Am I Not Posting Here?

August 4th 2006, 1:13 pm

I kinda got bored with blogging when I didn't have little updates to the minigames that I was making, but I realized that although I have a perfect medium for releases (my site) and a perfect medium for Q&A and bug reporting (my forums), there is no good place to make announcements, etc. I've been doing it for now in my forums, but that's not a very good place to grab information, as topics shuffle around a lot. I think I will recommission this blog as a decent place to put out information as to the current status of DSOrganize, etc.

So, to get the whole thing rolling, here are a few recent occurrances. The homebrew database has taken a few new moderators to help the flow of homebrew onto it speed up a bit. Also, a new loader in the code should allow people without a supercard/gbamp to boot files within DSOrganize. I should have a release out later today/tonight, so check occasionally on my site to see if I've got it out yet.