A More Formal Response

October 2nd 2006, 2:18 am

As most of you have figured out by now, I am stepping back from NDS development indefinitely at this point. I will not be pursuing any new coding endeavors right now for the Nintendo DS as it would probably do me no good. What you saw in a previous post about flashcards is only the tip of the iceberg of issues that I have to deal with while releasing new versions. While I am somewhat sad to let my favorite hobby go, it was getting to the point where I just wasn't enjoying myself as I was months ago. As of now, consider me resigned from not only the scene, but from NDS programming. I may reconsider after I take a long breather, but the way things look now, I dont know.

First off, I would like to thank the fellow coders who were there to help me, the teams that did submit drivers for their cards, and the userbase I had that was eager to test and submit translations, as well as give me feedback on DSOrganize. Special thanks goes out to LiraNuna, for answering innumerable questions about random quirks on the NDS system. Thanks also goes out to Chishm, who has put out a fantastic library, and also has helped with questions on maintaining the old library. Also, thanks go to sgstair who endured my complaints about the wifi library and who was eager to fix bugs and put out an all around awesome library as well. Also, thanks goes to many other poeple I've hung out with online, who have volunteered time and services to further the DSOrganize project. If anything makes me consider eventually returning, it would be to work with people like these.

Second, I'd like to address the issues with the scene. People are asking why I even care one way or another about the scene, when most of my users aren't even in it. I have never developed for the scene, I have developed for myself and for those who submitted bug requests and followed my software. However, it's very difficult to figure out new features on a piece of freshly documented hardware. When coding on linux, mac, or windows, you have miles of code samples online, but on the Nintendo DS, you have what little is out there, and the knowledge of members on the scene. I haven't been very associated with them for the last few months, and it is a real burden. Instead of simply asking a question and having a scene meber who is an expert having an aswer, I've sometimes spent days, if not weeks, re-figuring out what someone else already knows. It's a waste of time. Also, I started developing on the NDS to have fun coding with others, as it is fun to meet people that share hobbies. When the scene is split, it's hard to do that.

Third, to the anonymous cowards who have taken the opportunity to bash me on this blog or other forums. I didn't ask you to read my personal blog, and I certainly didn't ask you to click in from whevever you came from. This is not 4chan, and you don't have to post every stupid thought that comes to your head. I don't think some of you even followed DSOrganize, you are just jumping on the bandwagon to insult someone because you can. Grow up. Find something better to do with your life. I have been very careful in the year or so of NDS development to be polite and calm in all my posts online, and all it takes is a single post to be called a drama queen? There's more to the problem than you know. This wasn't simply about poeple saying mean things over IRC.

To StoneCypher, who thinks that the scene is coming back together: the scene wasn't split when DarkFader mass invited to #mellowdsdev. People were not forced to go, and the fact that when given an opportunity, they left, shows that things were not all happy like you say they were. Also, according to you, I've already pulled this twice. Let me remind you that I've never posted or even publicly mentioned the split, and I certainly have never claimed to leave the scene. I did leave from September through December last year due to your actions against me, but I left quietly, simply quitting IRC and not posting updates to my program until late December. I never said during that time that I was quitting, and I never stirred up shit in #dsdev over it. Quit the damage control and face the facts. And of course I haven't talked to you in months. I ignored you on IRC when you tried to use me to ban members from #mellowdsdev.

To those who want to take the source and 'continue' where I left off: please don't. People are not going to do their reasearch, and they will associate your updates with my name. I don't want angry emails or forum posts if something you change messes up a card or screw up a Nintendo DS. If you need, feel free to look at the source and take code snippets, but please give credit where credit is due. I really don't want you taking it upon yourselves to continue the project.

To those asking me to pull the last two posts offline, I don't think I will. What's said is said and what's done is done, and pulling posts will only be viewed as a cowards way out. I stand by what I said, and even if it was made in anger, there was several months of frustration and truth behind those posts, and I would prefer they stay where they are. People are claiming I am being immature about things, but this is my personal blog, and I think a person is allowed to get things off their chest once in awhile.

Also, to the two people that donated to DSOrganize: I will be happy to send the money back if you would like, since for now I will not be purchasing new cards to test on. Email me of you would like your donation refunded and I will send it back, plus the paypal processing fees, so you don't lose any.

In closing, I know that DSOrganize has made me a bit of an internet celebrity in the NDS community. I am as shocked as anyone else, as I never expected anything I would do to get this popular. I am honored to have made it onto so many people's NDS consoles, and perhaps some day, I can continue. For now, though, things are going to have to change a little before I consider coming back, if at all. Dragon out.