DSOrganize 2.5 Is Out

February 22nd 2007, 8:57 pm

Good evening folks. Just updating to let you know that DSOrganize 2.5 is out! Included in this release is a vastly improved plugin architecture that has more exposed API and over 2MB dedicated RAM to each plugin or executable while running. Also included is shortcuts, with support for adding them to the home screen! Check out the latest version at DragonMinded.com. Just to remind you, noone has found the easter egg yet! I'll give you a hint: it has something to do with the sound.dat file. As an added incentive, as soon as someone finds the easter egg, I'll put out the latest source!

A few of you might have noticed me lagging on the releases front lately. I'm EXTREMELY busy. With two physics classes at school and work all weekend every weekend, its hard to dedicate much free time to working on DSOrganize. I'm sorry about this, and hope to resume my frantic release schedule of almost once a week after I finish this semester in mid-May. An alternative would be for me to quit my job and dedicate weekends to more coding, but this would require a) me to beg for donations so I could afford gas for school, and b) donations. ;P I'd much rather leave it as I am now, asking for nothing except for an occasional thank you.

Enjoy the latest release, and as always, suggestions, icon sets, translations, and bug reports are always welcome. Just be patient as I find time to reply to everything. And of course, come hang out at #dsorganize on irc.freenode.net and idle (or chat, but that's against the rules of IRC).