DSOrganize 2.7 Alpha

March 22nd 2007, 6:04 pm

Well, most of you have seen the video. You know what's in this release. This is a very dirty release, so use it at your own risk. The only files provided are the updated executable and a fixed resource0.bin. You must have the install files from 2.6 or 2.61 to use this, or unexpected things may happen. Grab the alpha from my site here. Enjoy the first working homebrew browser for the Nintendo DS!

What works:

What doesn't:

On another note, I need some help with maintaining gba_nds_fat. I know it's discontinued but hear me out. Upgrading to r20 breaks virtually every feature in DSOrganize. For a short list: plugins stop working, sound doesn't stream, or even respond, booting files fails on cards it used to work on. The list goes on. Also, backporting libfat has turned into too daunting a task for me to take on. I'm asking that someone who knows their way around the FAT16/32 system (perhaps the guy working on MCTool?) look at the code for fat entry creation, as well as the rename code. Files tend to disappear, and if you create too many files in a directory, the fat table tends to get corrupted with what looks like text from actual files. The library that I compile from is available here. Please don't touch disc_io.c because the drivers need to be in a certain order. If anyone takes this up then I and everyone else that uses DSO will be eternally grateful.