New Update, Computer Issues, etc...

July 9th 2007, 5:00 pm

First order of business: There is a new update to DSOrganize. I have entered the GBAX 2007 competition with an update to DSOrganize (2.8 GBAX). If you want to grab the entry, head to the GBAX site and scroll to my entry. If you want the source or to see what's changed, head to my site. Major features include overall better support for websites as well as bookmarks on the browser, and url capturing and colors support on IRC. Several other minor fixes have been applied.

Second order of business: My pc fried a week ago. I ordered a new PC dispite not being able to afford one, and have dipped into college savings. I feel sleezy for begging for donations, but I have never asked before and really can't afford this PC. So, I'm asking anyone who enjoyed the software to donate to me at this time. The cost was $800 for the PC, the external cases to make my current drives work with it, and the additional ram to bring it up to the memory capacity my current one had. However, a week after ordering, I have been emailed to tell that my PC is on backorder (why they couldn't tell me this a week ago, I don't know). I am going to pick out a different one today and hope to have it at the same price, but it might be more expensive. Here's to hoping I can work something out, because DSDev on a 1.3GHz celeron laptop with 256MB of ram is extremely painful.

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UPDATE: I have recieved $150 in donations from several kind people, but I still have a long way to go before I can afford this computer. If you have spare change, send it my way!