3.1 is Out!

November 10th 2007, 5:21 pm

Just letting everyone know that 3.1 is out. This, like 3.05, is mostly a maintenence release. In this version, I concentrated on fixing as many FAT related bugs as I possibly could find, and it should be much more stable for all cards concerned. I have also added support for deflate and gzip encoded web pages for the browser, resulting in pages that support these encodings loading much much faster. The plugin/executable architecture has been removed permanently as of this version, as it was extremely underused and took up space. Also gone is the resources file, and DSOrganize should boot faster now.

I am experimenting with screen orientations, and have added an option to rotate the orientation of the image viewer so that you can hold the DS sideways. If this is well recieved, I'll probably add a mode like this to to text viewer and web browser.

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This release has been tested working on GBAMP, MK2, MK3, GnM, and CycloDS Evo.