January 2022 Arcade Tour

January 23rd 2022, 9:35 pm

This was originally published as a twitter thread before I deleted my account. Some contents were edited to better fit a blog post.

Okay! As promised, photos of my setup with everything running just to make sure the electrical work I did is up to par. Let's start with the main living area of the house. Here's the dining area and breakfast nook, with two artificial rows out of games to fit more games.

And here's the living room, also known as the "great room" according to the breaker panel labels. I tried to grab photos of the games as well as some of the marquees above the games (I'll include some marquee-only shots later in the thread).

Onward to the den (really, the master bedroom but it is MASSIVE and unfinished so we are using it differently for now). Only one game in here and its a table-top. Again, I'll include more shots of this room later in the thread when I get to the console collection.

Now let's take a trip downstairs to the finished basement. There's a few games shoved into the laundry room hall since otherwise it would be wasted space. This is concentrated on American classics, since it made sense to group them this way. Can you see my custom ROMs running?

Next we can squeeze into spookybasement, named as such because the electrical didn't work originally and it was pitch black. It houses my candy cab collection as well as a few miscellaneous cabinets. Soon it will also have another New Net City, but that's still being shipped!

And then we can finally hit the main basement area. There's a wood stove we don't use that I'm going to eventually remove taking up space for now. Consider it rustic decoration ;)

This room is big enough that I had to take photos from two angles. Its also narrow and long meaning its hard to get a panoramic shot of the whole thing. Oh well, instead you get to look at more photos!

Of course there's a few stragglers that got stuck in the garage. This includes games that I didn't have running when I moved in, games that don't fit through the doors and spares that I put other versions of software on. I know about the water under the Solo, I'm working on it!

With all that out of the way (the whole point of this thread was photos of running games now that I finished my electrical upgrade work), let's have a look at the console collection. I don't think its nearly as impressive as I stopped years ago, but here it is.

And finally, a bunch more angles of various marquees I have all over the walls in no particular order. This will be multiple images because they're spread all over the house.

These photos are by no means exhaustive. There's a ton of stuff you can't see unless I take even more photos at other angles. Also, all of my Animelo marquees are in a closet since I haven't figured out where they can go yet. But that's the majority of it all. Thanks for looking!