Recovering a Grid Profile

April 15th 2022, 2:35 pm

Midway's The Grid is an incredibly fun game, partially because it allows you to create a profile that tracks your stats and lets you work towards character unlocks. Its fun to have your actual name announced when you make a great shot or when you're on a killing spree and its neat to be able to look back and see your best kill streak as well as how many kills and deaths you've had since you picked up the game. The main board of The Grid stores all player profiles on a battery-backed SRAM chip and looks the profile up on the cabinet it was created on when you pull up the profile on another cabinet. The problem with this setup is that the profile can't be transferred to a separate collection of cabinets, and most of these chips are very close to running out of juice at which point they will lose your profile.

The obvious solution is to make backups of your profile using my Grid SRAM project. Several people have built Arduino shields and used the code I wrote to back up, edit and restore their profiles, myself included. But, what if you didn't get to your chip in time and your profile is lost? Well, hopefully you've taken a picture of the profile screen at some point, because the linked tools will allow you to recreate a profile and save it to a new SRAM chip so that you can load it in-game and continue where you left off! Let's assume that I wanted to recreate the profile shown in the below photo.

It's not the best photo, but we can see everything we need! I'm going to create a new SRAM file called "restored.sram" which I can later write to a new SRAM chip using the Grid SRAM Ardiuno shield and utilities linked above. However, if you already have an SRAM file that you've saved from a cabinet you can start with that file in order to edit an existing profile or create a new one there. I'll create that file by running "python3 restored.sram" in the "GridUtilities" folder of the Grid SRAM project that I've got downloaded and running on my computer. When I do that, I'm greeted with an empty profile screen and a bunch of options along the bottom. After hitting the "a" key to add a profile, I'm prompted with the following screen.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory. The PIN is the number you type in on the keypad to get to your profile, so naturally it won't be shown anywhere on the screenshot! But most of the other fields are pretty easy to just copy from the screenshot and put into the various text boxes. You won't need to enter the win percentage as the game calculates that by your total plays and total wins. You also won't need to enter the characters unlocked as they are calculated based on the number of kills you have as well as how much money you've earned. However, when it comes to the tower progress and number of clears you can't just type in a number. You have to figure out where you were based on the color and number of levels highlighted in the screenshot you took. Here's where I'm at on the editor screen.

First, take a look at the color of each of the level screens on the right side of your screenshot. The following table specifies what color you might see and what tower number to put into the "Tower Progress" section on the editor:

  • Green - 1
  • Red - 2
  • Light Blue - 3
  • Pink - 4
  • Yellow - 5
  • Orange - 6
  • Silver - 7
  • Purple - 8
  • Dark Blue - 9
  • Black - 10

My levels are highlighted in purple in the above screenshot, so I put in "8" for the tower portion. Now, I have to figure out what level I am on for the tower. That's a lot easier. Some levels will be grayed out near the top, and some will be brightly lit near the bottom. The lit levels are ones you've completed, and the grayed out levels are ones you have yet to complete. So, if all six are grayed out, that means the next level you need to play is level 1. On my screenshot, five levels are bright and only the top level is grayed out, so that means I'm on level 6 of tower 8. Finally, unfortunately the game never shows you how many full tower clears you've managed to get. However, the game unlocks certain special characters depending on the number of clears you have! So, if you see the headshot on the bottom left for the "Noob" character, that means you've cleared all 10 towers at least once. If you see the headshot for "Red Dog", that means you've cleared all 10 towers at least 3 times. Go ahead and leave the number at 0 if you've never cleared the tower game. Anything more than 3 doesn't really matter as the game doesn't care at all! Finally, the control mode is based on whether you entered in cheat codes to enable "free look" or "inverted free look" modes. These are expert aiming modes that aren't usually active for a character. I left mine on "assist" since that's the way profiles come by default. Cool! So now my profile edit screen looks like the following.

Once I hit enter, the profile I just created shows up on the list of profiles on the SRAM I was editing. I'll do a quick check on the right side of the screen where the profile is previewed before pressing escape to exit, choosing yes to save the profile. Note that if escape doesn't work, you can also hit "q" to quit on the same screen. Now the SRAM is ready to be writtin to a real chip using the Grid SRAM project I linked above and re-installed into The Grid main board!

As an aside, since the unlock criteria is getting harder to find online, you can find it referenced below. The number of heads showing up on the bottom left of your profile displays the characters you've unlocked. Any unlocked character can be chosen by typing a 3-number cheat code on the player select screen before pressing start. Note that the 3-number code corresponds to the first 3 letters of the character's name in most cases.

  • Cleo - $200,000 earned. Type CLE (253) to select once unlocked.
  • Kristy - 750 total kills. Type KRI (574) to select once unlocked.
  • Darla - 3,000 total kills. Type DRL (375) to select once unlocked.
  • The Host - 1,500 total kills. Type HOS (467) to select once unlocked.
  • Trom - $1,500,000 earned. Type TRO (876) to select once unlocked.
  • Cameraman - 10,000 total kills. Type CAM (226) to select once unlocked.
  • Scorpion - $500,000 earned. Type SCO (726) to select once unlocked.
  • Sub Zero - 4,500 total kills. Type SUB (782) to select once unlocked.
  • Grid Man - $1,000,000 earned. Type GRI (474) to select once unlocked.
  • The Lawyer - 7,500 total kills. Type LAW (529) to select once unlocked.
  • Noob Saibot - 1 tower clear in single player. Type PNS (767) to select once unlocked.
  • Red Dog - 3 tower clears in single player. Type RED (733) to select once unlocked.