Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AI_regs_sRegister definition for the AI interface
callback_linkStructure of an interrupt callback
color_tGeneric color structure
controller_dataStructure for interpreting SI responses
dir_tDirectory entry structure
directory_entryRepresentation of a directory entry
entry_structureStructure representing a save entry in a mempak
exception_tStructure representing an exception
file_entryRepresentation of a file sector
filesystem_tFilesystem hook structure
fs_handle_tFilesystem open handle structure
fs_mapping_tFilesystem mapping structure
MI_regs_sRegister definition for the MI interface
open_fileOpen file handle structure
PI_regs_sRegister definition for the PI interface
reg_block_tStructure representing a register block
SI_condatSI Controller Data
SI_regs_sRegister definition for the SI interface
sprite_cacheCached sprite structure
sprite_tSprite structure
stdio_tStandard I/O hook structure
timer_linkTimer structure
VI_regs_sRegister definition for the VI interface
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