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#define DFS_DEFAULT_LOCATION   0xB0101000
 Default filesystem location.
#define MAX_OPEN_FILES   4
 Maximum open files in DragonFS.
#define MAX_FILENAME_LEN   243
 Maximum filename length.
 Maximum depth of directories supported.
#define FILETYPE(x)   ((x) & 3)
 Macro to extract the file type from a DragonFS file flag.
DragonFS Return values

#define DFS_ESUCCESS   0
#define DFS_EBADINPUT   -1
 Input parameters invalid.
#define DFS_ENOFILE   -2
 File does not exist.
#define DFS_EBADFS   -3
 Bad filesystem.
#define DFS_ENOMEM   -4
 No memory for operation.
#define DFS_EBADHANDLE   -5
 Invalid file handle.
DragonFS file type flags

#define FLAGS_FILE   0x0
 This is a file entry.
#define FLAGS_DIR   0x1
 This is a directory entry.
#define FLAGS_EOF   0x2
 This is the end of a directory list.


int dfs_init (uint32_t base_fs_loc)
 Initialize the filesystem.
int dfs_chdir (const char *const path)
 Change directories to the specified path.
int dfs_dir_findfirst (const char *const path, char *buf)
 Find the first file or directory in a directory listing.
int dfs_dir_findnext (char *buf)
 Find the next file or directory in a directory listing.
int dfs_open (const char *const path)
 Open a file given a path.
int dfs_read (void *const buf, int size, int count, uint32_t handle)
 Read data from a file.
int dfs_seek (uint32_t handle, int offset, int origin)
 Seek to an offset in the file.
int dfs_tell (uint32_t handle)
 Return the current offset into a file.
int dfs_close (uint32_t handle)
 Close an already open file handle.
int dfs_eof (uint32_t handle)
 Return whether the end of file has been reached.
int dfs_size (uint32_t handle)
 Return the file size of an open file.

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