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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
audio.cAudio Subsystem
audio.h [code]Audio Subsystem
console.cConsole Support
console.h [code]Console Support
controller.cController Subsystem
controller.h [code]Controller Subsystem
dfsinternal.h [code]Internal DFS Definitions
dir.h [code]Directory handling
display.cDisplay Subsystem
display.h [code]Display Subsystem
dma.cDMA Controller
dma.h [code]DMA Controller
do_ctors.cC++ constructor handling
dragonfs.h [code]DragonFS
exception.cException Handler
exception.h [code]Exception Handler
font.h [code]Font Data
graphics.c2D Graphics
graphics.h [code]2D Graphics
interrupt.cInterrupt Controller
interrupt.h [code]Interrupt Controller
libdragon.h [code]Main include file for programs seeking to link against libdragon
mempak.cMempak Filesystem Routine
mempak.h [code]Mempak Filesystem Routines
n64sys.cN64 System Interface
n64sys.h [code]N64 System Interface
rdp.cHardware Display Interface
rdp.h [code]Hardware Display Interface
regsinternal.h [code]Register definitions for various hardware in the N64
system.cNewlib Interface Hooks
system.h [code]Newlib Interface Hooks
timer.cTimer Subsystem
timer.h [code]Timer Subsystem
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