DrugWars DS

For my first real homebrew project, I decided to do a remake of the ever-present, always-popular DrugWars text rpg. I wanted to make it stand out a little, so I added some city images and effects with dual backgrounds. This uses LibFB to render its text, backgrounds, and sprites. As always, I recommend playing this on the hardware, as it does not work 100% on any of the emulators currently.

DragonMinded DragonMinded

- 2/24/2006 - Updated a few things and fixed a few lingering bugs in the latest version. Fixed random ATM noises on main screen, added icon and description, changed Seattle picture, and fixed ending screen quirks. The cursor now remembers the position when you go back in menus. Overall more polished, sorry about the long wait. If no other bugs are found, this will probably be the final version.

- 1/16/2006 - Updated the drugwars.nds link to point to the new binary instead of the old. Sorry folks, working on a case sensitive server here... Thank you David for pointing this out.

- 1/15/2006 - Completely revamped version that uses dual screens far better than originally. A totall redesigned banking system also makes for easy deposits and withdraws. Eye candy has been dispersed throughout the game, the Inventory and Prices menus have been consolidated, and random sound effects have been added. Check it out for everything that's been added!

- 8/25/2005 - Reposted compile to ensure compatibility with new libfb. Nothing really has changed, just an update to functionality.

- 8/12/2005 - Updated to use new features in libfb which makes the code more readable.

- 8/12/2005 - Version 1.04 has been posted. This fixes a few things with music as well as gives you more options for the music. I also tweaked the interface some more.

- 8/11/2005 - Version 1.03 posted for comment. This version has sound! Thanks to Deku, I now can play mod files and have put some ambient music in to have something to groove to while making money. Also in this version are a few requested features that streamline navigation and deposit/withdraw.

- 8/07/2005 - Updated arm9.c to not include the framebuffer library and created the necissary library files to link to libfb. To compile, just put the libfb files into libnds directories or create a new directory and add to your link paths.

- 8/05/2005 - Version 1.02 posted for comment. Got rid of unneeded buffers which resulted in a faster load time, and put in button repeating for L/R and Up/Down buttons.

- 8/05/2005 - Version 1.01 posted for comment. Fixed A/B swap mistake and the dealer fight bug.

- 8/05/2005 - Version 1.0 posted for comment. Please give feedback to DragonMinded in #dsdev or email me at

30 Day Scores

  • Dr. Molotov: $83,695,700
  • KOOLAID: $56,000,000
  • rize: $11,100,669
  • DragonMinded: $5,926,732
  • Killer7: $4,675,133
  • Patater: $4,027,453
  • SausageB: $49,508