DSOrganize is meant as a homebrew organizer application for the Nintendo DS that should have come built in in the first place. It is currently capable of storing daily and hourly memos, addresses, todo lists and simple scribbles. It also includes a full file browser and calculator. The file browser is capable of displaying images and playing back many audio formats as well as launching homebrew and viewing/editing text and html. Internet capabilities of DSOrganize include an IRC client, an online homebrew database, streaming audio support, and a rudimentary web browser. It is by no means comparible to a full-fledged organizer such as a palm, and it is not planned to become an operating system, video player, or anything similar. Many thanks go out to several dedicated members in the homebrew community for their help and libraries, without which, DSOrganize would not exist.

Main Links

DSOrganize 3.2
Getting Started

Other Downloads

DSOrganize 3.2 Source
RGB15 Tool

Custom exec_stub Files

R4 and M3 Simply*
SuperCard DS*

*NOTE: Put these files in the /DSOrganize/resources/ folder over the default one.

Fixes found in 3.2

  • Added multi track support to SID files (finally!).
  • Added support for the gbs file format.
  • Added confirmations to text editor on save or exit.
  • Added /describe to irc.
  • Added basic cookie support.
  • Tied Y to the stop function on the web browser.
  • Changed IRC receive mode to hopefully squash memory error.
  • Changed internet enabled applications to allow downloading/processing while the lid is closed.
  • Decreased memory footprint to allow larger images to load again.
  • Fixed annual dates causing every day to underline in some cases.
  • Fixed e^x freezing in some instances.
  • Fixed inconsistent save message on scribble screen.
  • Fixed IRC bug that appeared while typing with fixed width irc.
  • Fixed aac/mp3 streams skipping sometimes.
  • Fixed bad font characters in the smallest font.
  • Fixed a html rendering crash with css pages.
  • Fixed random crash that happened when switching tabs in web browser.
  • Fixed garbage display in hbdb if you cancelled the list then pressed left or right.
  • Fixed graphical issues with themes loaded.

Please visit the Revision History list to see outdated release information.

Old Versions

2.9 NeoFlash (2nd place)
2.8 GBAX (did not place)
2.7 Final
2.3 Gray
2.3 Blue
2.3 Green
2.25 Gray
2.25 Blue
2.25 Green
2.2 Final Gray
2.2 Final Blue
2.2 Final Green
2.2 Final All-In-One
2.2 Preview 2
2.2 Preview 1
1.9 Final