DSOrganize Addons

Since it is now not only possible to create new iconsets for DSOrganize, but to compile plugins that handle specific file formats and add functionality to the base code, this section was added. Here you will find contributions by the community to extend DSOrganize.


Iconsets allow you to change the look of the homescreen and browser by replacing the default graphics with your own. Iconsets can also include a colors.ini file as well to change the colorscheme of DSOrganize. To use an iconset, simply extract the contents of the archive to a subdirectory inside the icons directory in the DSOrganize data directory. Then, when visiting the Configuration page, you will notice that the name of the directory you placed it into will be selectable as an iconset. Head over to Modifying DSOrganize to learn how to create your own iconsets.

Current Iconsets


While languages come pre-packaged with DSOrganize, all of the languages are also available through the Languages page. This allows anyone to help translate or correct a language file without sending me the update. The languages below were sent to me after the latest DSOrganize release, and will be included here until the next release.