DSOrganize FAQ

Getting DSOrganize running

How do I run DSOrganize on my Nintendo DS?

Simple, really. You just need some method of running homebrew on your DS that is compatible the currently available DLDI patches. This includes virtually all cards on the market. If you look inside the archive of any DSOrganize release, there are three different files on the root. The .nds is for most slot one and some slot 2 cards, the .sc.nds is for SuperCard, and the .ds.gba is for older M3Perfect cards. Please note that compatibility is not guaranteed.

What cards are compatible with DSOrganize?

The GBAMP CF is both the most compatible and the recommended card for using DSOrganize, due to chishm's highly refined drivers for it. This is also the card that I use to develop DSOrganize. The recommended slot 1 card to use is the R4 microSD card or the Cyclo Evolution for larger microSD cards (2GB+). If you can, try to stay away from any products by Datel as they have horrible homebrew compatibility, although newer versions of DSOrganize seem to work just fine on Games 'n' Music. If you must buy the Max Media CF or MP, the NeoFlash MK5, the GBAMP SD, or a card not on the list, don't expect things to work as they should.

Compatibility Table

Card Working Can Boot Most Homebrew Notes
CycloDS Slot 2 yes unknown DLDI Patch
CycloDS Evolution yes yes (chishm) DLDI Patch
Datel Games 'N' Music yes yes (chishm) DLDI Patch
Datel Max Media CF yes yes (chishm) DLDI Patch, rename to bootme.nds
Datel Max Media MP yes unknown DLDI Patch, rename to bootme.nds
DSLink yes yes (mighty max) DLDI Patch
DS-X yes yes (chishm) autopatched by DS-X OS
EZ4 yes unknown DLDI Patch, patch .nds version, then append header
GBAMP CF yes yes (any loader) out of the box
GBAMP SD yes unknown DLDI Patch, read this thread Read only, BTW.
G6 Flash yes unknown DLDI Patch
G6 Real yes unknown DLDI Patch
M3 Simply/R4 yes some (mighty max) DLDI Patch
M3 CF yes unknown out of the box
M3 SD yes unknown DLDI Patch
MK2/MK3 yes no out of the box
NinjaSD yes no DLDI Patch
SC CF/SD yes yes (any loader) out of the box
SC miniSD/Lite yes yes (any loader) out of the box with mixed success
SC DS (Slot-1) yes yes DLDI Patch

DSOrganize gets to my card type, and then the cow freezes! What do I do?

You probably didn't copy the DSOrganize folder over to the root of the drive. There are files that are necessary to boot DSOrganize in that directory. If you copied everything over and still get freezes, make sure your card has no corruption on it. You should run a chkdsk to ensure that it is free of errors. Contact me over IRC for any issues related to this after you have checked everything.

My card isn't supported! When are you adding support?

I only have a GBAMP, MK2, MK3, GnM and Cyclo Evo to develop on, and I do not know how to code DLDI drivers for new hardware. Check the manufacturer's homepage or the Official DLDI Page to see if there has been a driver added for your card. Please note that it is IMPOSSIBLE to add support for a card if drivers do not exist for it already. Also, if your card has unusually high levels of corruption or will not boot files, I can't help this as the manufacturer hasn't provided a DLDI that works as it should.

I have a SuperCard, or another card that requires homebrew patching. Do I have to patch every file that I use with DSOrganize?

No! Once DSOrganize is loaded, it uses a built in FAT driver to read and write to files independent of the device type. This is why you need to patch DSOrganize with the DLDI driver.

Booting files in DSOrganize

I patched DSOrganize with my card drivers and it loads, but it won't launch files! What do I do?

There are two files in the DSOrganize resource folder called exec_stub.bin and load.bin. If these files are not present then you will have to re-extract DSOrganize to your card. You can configure which one is the default and alternate loader under the configuration screen. I suggest trying the Chishm loader first, and then the Mighty Max loader if that doesn't work. There are special builds of the exec_stub.bin available for certain cards on the DSOrganize Main Page so check them out there. Neither file needs to be patched as DSOrganize will DLDI patch them for you, as well as the homebrew it is trying to launch.

I don't want DSOrganize to auto-patch my homebrew! How do I disable this?

If you disable auto-patching, chances are downloads from the homebrew database will not function anymore. If you still insist on disabling auto-patching in DSOrganize, open the config.ini file under the DSOrganize data directory, and add the line "DisablePatching=true" to the browser section.

DSOrganize won't boot my game that I downloaded! How do I make it load roms?

DSOrganize is not a romloader. If you want to play the game, go buy it. DSOrganize will never support loading anything other than homebrew and demos.

Errors in DSOrganize

Every time I run DSOrganize, my card is corrupted! How do I fix this?

Unfortunately, no fix for writing is available, as some DLDI files are poorly made. You can thank the manufacturer of your card for their poor homebrew support. If you still want to use DSOrganize in read-only mode, open your config.ini file under the DSOrganize data directory and add the line "DisableWrites=true" under the general section.

Why does the sound stop when I close the lid?

The sound doesn't stop, it simply comes out only on the headphones port. This is due to me turning off the power to everything on the processor to save more power while listening to audio, thus allowing longer listening times.

Features in DSOrganize

Why can't I connect to the Homebrew Database/IRC Client/Web Browser?

The homebrew database, as well as shoutcast streaming and IRC, require you to have an already-set connection in any official game or in the Configuration screen. Please make sure that you have a wifi profile for the current hotspot already configured before trying to use any of these features.

When are you adding video playback to DSOrganize?

Never. I don't see a use for video on such a small screen. If you want video, get a laptop, or try to use MoonShell.

Why is my favorite language incomplete in this version?

I do not do the translations as I only speak English. There are several other dedicated members who work on translations into other languages, but you are always welcome to help bring an outdated translation to the latest version by editing it on the Languages page.

Is there a way to make DSOrganize use a custom background or theme?

Surprise, surprise, after all these no's, this is now a YES! You can customize virtually all of the colors in DSOrganize through the colors.ini file in the data directory. The colors.ini.sample file can be renamed and edited. Icons are also customizable. For more information, see Modifying DSOrganize.

How do I take advantage of shortcuts?

Shortcuts can be placed into any directory on the CF/SD card and point to any file that DSOrganize can load, aside from another shortcut. If you place shortcuts in the Home directory under the DSOrganize Data directory, they will be displayed on the home screen under page three. A shortcut can be created either in DSOrganize itself by creating a new .dss file and editing it, or in any text editor on your PC. For more information on shortcut files, head over to the Modifying DSOrganize page.


How do I get DSOrganize to boot directly from the M3 shell?

On older M3Perfect devices, it has been reported that using Pepsiman's M3 Powerloader on the .nds file works wonders for booting DSOrganize directly from the shell. The newer M3 Simply has an icon that launches MoonShell. If you want, you can replace the MoonShell program with the DSOrganize executable to launch it directly.

Why did it take you so long to release the source?

I initally didn't want the source public due to DSOrganize's very primitive state. After a few months, it became apparent that it was shaping up to be a polished product. I considered releasing the source at that time, but people started offering to help make changes. As this is a personal project, I wanted to be the only person working on DSOrganize. I didn't want someone going off and hacking in a feature before I was able to do it myself, or my hobby project might be literally yanked from under my feet. Even now when the source is released, the most I would like to hear back on it is if someone finds errors or optimizations that can be made. I also really don't want people releasing their own modified versions, but that is bound to happen.

You are awesome! Can I have your children?

Certainly! I don't want 'em!