DSOrganize Intro

Getting Started

First off, to run DSOrganize, you need a compatible flash card solution. Virtually any slot 1 or slot 2 flashcard will work with DSOrganize as long as it has a DLDI patch. Visit Chishm's DLDI Page for more information and instructions as to how to operate the DLDI patch.


Installing DSOrganize is as simple as extracting the latest package (found here) (3.2) to the root of your flash card. Most cards will be compatible with the .nds file, but some older flash cards use .ds.gba, and SuperCard products use .sc.nds files. It is safe to delete the two remaining files that don't pertain to your particular card. It is important that the DSOrganize data folder be present either on the root of the flash card or under the /data/ directory. Any other location guarantees that DSOrganize will not find the data files and will try to re-create them for you upon startup. If your flash card is not supported out of the box, you will need to patch the DSOrganize executable with the correct DLDI File.


If you are having trouble getting DSOrganize to run or with a certain feature, please visit the Troubleshooting page.

General Usage

Most of the applications are accessible from the DSOrganize home screen. Simply clicking on the icon with your stylus, or selecting the application with the A button will start the application. Many features that deal with editing, viewing, or playing back files will be found in the file browser. Simply double-clicking on a file or highlighting a file with the D-Pad and pressing A will perform the standard view/play/launch action associated with the file. Some files such as wav files and text/ini/html files will have an alternate action associated with them accessible through the Y key.

All of the screens inside DSOrganize have associated help files linked to them. Help for any screen can be viewed at any time by holding down the Select button. To learn more about individual features inside DSOrganize, head over to the Features page.

Homebrew Launching

While DSOrganize is designed to launch homebrew from any card, it doesn't always work with the default loaders included. There are several special versions of the exec_stub.bin file used with the Mighty Max loader available for specific cards on the DSOrganize Main Page. Also, the Chishm launcher is known to work on certain cards that do not work with the Mighty Max loader. Please keep in mind that DSOrganize is not and will not be a romloader at any time. Please do not submit bug reports to me that DSOrganize is not launching your roms. The homebrew launcher is meant to launch homebrew and demos, nothing else.

Wifi Enabled Applications

DSOrganize includes a WIFI setup page inside the configuration that allows you to edit the firmware WIFI settings as well as define three DSOrganize-specific profiles. Alternately, you can edit your wifi profiles inside any official NDS game. After a successful test connection, DSOrganize should faithfully connect to your hotspot whenever a wifi enabled application is started. If you are having trouble getting DSOrganize to go online, please visit the Troubleshooting page.

Modifying DSOrganize

DSOrganize can be modified in a few ways. Shortcuts can be placed on the home screen, and colors and icons can be customized to your liking. Also, the configuration screen allows you to customize many aspects of DSOrganize.

Feature Requests/Bug Reports

Feature requests are always welcome. Please be sure that the feature you are requesting does not already exist inside DSOrganize. I get several feature requests a month for features that have long since been implemented. If you need help finding or using a feature inside DSOrganize, I suggest you head to Features and familiarize yourself with the feature set.

Bug reports are welcome as well. Please be sure that the bug you are reporting still exists in the current version of DSOrganize. I cannot help with bugs that deal with DLDI drivers or other card specific errors, so if DSOrganize doesn't boot on your card, or the DLDI driver doesn't write, don't report it to me.

To submit a feature request or bug report, you can post about it on the GBADev forums. Please note that it is not very helpful to complain about bugs inside DSOrganize on random forums on the internet. Although I do occasionally read up what other forums are saying about DSOrganize, it does not help to post bugs there as I do not always see them. If you are wondering why that bug you found is still there three releases later, it's probably because I don't know about it.

Already Requested Features

These features have already been requested. The inclusion of a feature on this list does not mean it will be implemented, just that I know about it.

Major Features

  • Multi-protocol chat client
  • Unicode support
  • Multi-server in IRC
  • DCC commands on IRC
  • JavaScript in the web browser
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • WMA playback
  • XSPF Playlist support
  • RTF support
  • Implement hex input keyboard
  • Convert image application on the file browser
  • Tip of the day

Minor Features

  • Ability to see track names on the streaming client
  • Bullet customization in the Todo list
  • Allowed extension filter in the file browser
  • Undo in scribble
  • Search in text/html editor and viewer
  • Batch files
  • Arbitrary file text editing in file browser
  • /ignore command on irc
  • ability to do /list in irc
  • Macros for IRC
  • Ability to do random in playlists
  • Multi-page shortcuts

Features that will not be implemented

These are commonly requested features that will not be implemented into DSOrgnanize.
  • Video Playback
  • VoIP software
  • Graphical calculator
  • Flash support (including YouTube support)
  • Horizontal scroll on the browser
  • Soft reset
  • Increase wav recorder quality

Known Bugs

These bugs have already been found, but no solution has been found for fixing them:
  • Corruption after some file operations, mainly writes (possibly due to outdated gba_nds_fat)
  • Non-working homebrew booting on some cards (try latest chishm bootloader)