Personal Projects

This is a list of any notable projects that I am either currently working on or have worked on in the past. You can find a small amount of information on them as well as their current status.

Name: MiniDragon
Status: Active (2019-Present)
Platform: Custom
Language: Python/Assembly
Description: A from-scratch designed and assembled CPU made entirely out of transistors, resistors, capacitors and diodes. Loosely based off of accumulator processors like the 6502.
More Info: MiniDragon

Name: ACIOLauncher
Status: Active (2017-Present)
Platform: BemaniPC (Windows XP Embedded)
Language: C++
Description: A simple program capable of initializing a slotted or wavepass e-Amusement card reader and reading input from the keypad. It uses this input combined with an ini file to launch various executables.
More Info: ACIOLauncher

Name: e-Amusement Hobby Server
Status: Inactive (2016-2019)
Platform: LAMP
Language: Python 3/JS
Description: A hobby server which can provide score services to various dead BEMANI games.
More Info: e-Amusement Hobby Server

Name: Japanese Practice Guru
Status: Abandoned (2014-2017)
Platform: LAMP
Language: Python/JS
Description: My attempt to solidify my understanding of Angular, join the modern world of cross-platform rich web applications and learn Japanese at the same time. Mostly helped me accomplish the first two.
More Info: N/A

Status: Active (2013-Present)
Platform: LAMP
Language: PHP/MySQL
Description: A repair wiki for arcade games that spun out of necessity. Written using the Laravel 3 platform and upgraded to Laravel 4.
More Info:

Name: DragonMedia Player
Status: Restarted (2008-2013)
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Language: C++
Description: An attempt to dabble in an object oriented model of media players. Frustration with information hiding amongst the inner circle of Wii hackers lead to my abandonment of the project originally. Now that the Wii scene has matured I have taken it up again to fix some bugs and get SAMBA support working.
More Info: DragonMedia Player

Name: libdragon
Status: Mostly Abandoned (2009-2012)
Platform: Nintendo 64
Language: C
Description: An open source library to facilitate development of homebrew on the Nintendo 64. Currently allows all range of homebrew that doesn't require 3D. Neoflash uses it for their official N64 products!
More Info: libdragon

Name: DSOrganize
Status: Abandoned (2006-2008)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Language: C
Description: An attempt at an all-in-one application on the DS that ended up being one of the more popular applications for the DS at its time. A good learning opportunity for me to strengthen my embedded skills. I used the media player for several years after I stopped working on it.
More Info: DSOrganize

Name: YoungMX
Status: Abandoned (2001-2013)
Platform: Windows XP
Language: Visual Basic 6.0
Description: My own personal media player that I have worked on over the years. It is something I touch on once every few months to fix something here and there. Very much geared towards my own style of management for large libraries, but includes a few useful features almost anyone can use. I've been toying with a ground-up rewrite for about half a decade now, but every time a new version of Windows comes out I manage to get a version of it working and give up the rewrite idea.
More Info: N/A

Name: DrugWars DS
Status: Complete (2005-2006)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Language: C
Description: I included this because it is one of the few things I can consider complete and polished. Even though it is simple, I'm proud of it, and it is kind-of fun.
More Info: DrugWars DS

Name: Schematic Nopaste
Status: Complete (2009)
Platform: LAMP
Language: PHP/MySQL
Description: Born out of what I thought was necessity. Allows a version 5 or version 6 schematic to be uploaded from Xilinx in a similar fashion code can be nopasted to the internet. Is more of a proof of concept than a useful tool, as nobody seems to use it.
More Info: Schematic Nopaste

Status: Complete (2009)
Platform: LAMP
Language: PHP/MySQL
Description: The Linux Users Group at UCLA was still using static web pages on their site. As a result, nobody ever updated the site as it was a pain. I stepped in due to boredom and coded them a solution that would fit how the site was used. However, the current leadership has deemed it appropriate to rip out my hard work and slap in a Wiki as a CMS instead, so the work has been lost.
More Info: N/A