DMP Intro

Dragon Media Player is an audio player for the Nintendo Wii console written by DragonMinded. It aims to allow easy playback of any popular audio format from SB, SD, DVD and various internet sources. Dragon Media Player is a homebrew application which means it will not run on a stock Wii without modification. Dragon Media Player nor the author are in any way associated with Nintendo. A sample of the player running an XBMC theme is below. The changelog for various releases is available here.

DMP running with the XMBC theme

Where To Download

Dragon Media Player is available here. The current version is 0.25 alpha. It is an open source project (licensed by default under the GPL due to linking against GPL'd libraries) and information about the source can be found on the Sources page.

What To Expect

Dragon Media Player currently supports playing back audio from the SD card slot as well as a USB mass storage device formatted with the FAT file system. Additionally, DMP supports playing audio back from samba shares wirelessly with up to 10 configurable samba mount points. DMP supports the majority of popular audio formats in use. For more information, see the Features page.

How To Install

Dragon Media Player is meant to be run from an SD card inserted in the front slot of your Wii. The most convenient way to launch DMP is through the Homebrew Channel. Assuming you already have Homebrew Channel installed on your Wii, there should be an apps directory on the root of the SD card you wish to install DMP on. Unzip the contents of the above zip file into apps\ so that your SD card has a apps\dmp\ folder on it. You'll know you've installed correctly if Homebrew Channel displays DMP on the list of launchable appications.

How To Use

Dragon Media Player can be controlled using the first Wiimote only. After starting DMP, use the on-screen pointer to select directories or audio files to play. To play a file or open a directory, hit the A button. To scroll the file list when there are too many files to display at once, hold down the B button and drag the Wiimote in the direction you wish to scroll. When playing music, use the Left D-Pad or Right D-Pad buttons to play the next or previous file respectively. To change the playback mode between sequential, repeating and random play, press the Up D-Pad button. Once a song is playing, the 1 button can be used to pause and resume playback and the 2 button can be used to stop playback. Press the Home button at any time to bring up a configuration menu or exit DMP.

How To Customize

Dragon Media Player supports fully-customizable themes. The interface is also fully translatable and supports UTF-8 from any file source. It will read true type fonts and supports extended Unicode necessary for displaying East Asian scripts. Themes go into apps\dmp hemes\ and language translations go into apps\dmp\languages. DMP ships with several language translations and a few alternate themes. For help in creating themes or language translations, see the Customizing page.

How To Contribute

Dragon Media Player can always use your help. The aforementioned customization methods are always helpful as they allow users who speak a different language to experience DMP without struggling. If you see that DMP is lacking in support for your favorite audio format, you can make a sound source and submit it to be included in the next release. DMP can also benefit by submission of more up-to-date audio libraries. As it currently stands, many are years out of date and while they do the job, newer versions will do the job better. If you have an idea for DMP that you don't see implemented, you can submit the idea to me as well and I will consider it for future releases. Finally, if you can do none of the above and feel that you still want to contribute, you are welcome to donate to me. The donate button can be found at the bottom of this page.