DMP Changelog

0.25 Alpha

  • Added support for AAC, M4A and MP4 file format
  • Songs now continue to play from old directory when browsing through directories
  • Fixed a crash bug with modules that don't load properly
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes it would take several seconds to play the next song

0.21 Alpha

  • Added checking for share names and name correction on invalid share names
  • Fixed issue with inability to load custom cursors
  • Fixed memory leak with ym file source
  • Fixed crash bug on ejecting certain media types and playing a song near a tracked module
  • Fixed media seek location flying out of whack when abnormal conditions occur
  • Shares no longer disappear and reappear if they can't be found

0.2 Alpha

  • Added ability for wav files to read ahead
  • Added configurable samba shares
  • Added ability to hot-plug USB and SD
  • Updated render loops to be multithreaded
  • Updated resampling code for better quality audio
  • Updated audio out code for better handling when network hiccups occur
  • Updated readahead code to work better
  • Fixed themes/langauges to display in alphabetical order
  • Fixed FFT display to have less noise and no frequency offset
  • Fixed theming engine not retaining default text if language string doesn't have a custom string
  • Fixed possibility of crashing on filenames with long/no extension
  • Fixed a few memory leaks in skinning engine

0.16 Alpha

  • Added support for ym emulated files.
  • Added in support for changing menu text font.
  • Added repeat mode (sequential with loop around).
  • Changed ogg read size to support some files.
  • Fixed freeze with a few mp3s.
  • Fixed freeze with some sid files.

0.15 Alpha

  • Added sid playback support.
  • Added snd/sndh/sc68 playback support.
  • Added language file support.
  • Tweaked a few things to refine more.
  • Fixed memory leak in emulated support.
  • Location in filebrowser is preserved when browsing to subfolders.

0.14 Beta

  • Added ay/gbs/gym/hes/kss/nsf/sap/spc/vgm emulated support.
  • Sequential/random setting is preserved across skin changes.
  • Song highlight preserved across skin changes.
  • Fixed crash with usb keyboards and lan adapters.

0.13 Alpha 2

  • Fixed core dump on loading pls files.

0.13 Alpha

  • Added m3u/pls playlist support.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks (switching themes and playing songs should be more stable).
  • Fixed a few misc stability issues.

0.12 Alpha

  • Implemented read-ahead buffer to help with some choppy files on usb.
  • Fixed settings not getting saved if you don't change the theme name sometimes.

0.11 Alpha

  • Added load screen for impatient noobs.
  • Added ability to change themes from menu.
  • Added more options to home menu.
  • Integrated USB patches (no guarantee that it works).
  • Fixed 24bit flac support (note that SD card is the limit for playing back).
  • Settings now get saved from home menu.

0.1 Beta

  • Home menu is now functional.
  • Added random playback mode.
  • Added support for wav encapsulated mp3 files.
  • Added support for ogg flac files.

0.07 Alpha

  • Added flac support!
  • Fixed the reported crash with mp3's and weird xing headers.
  • Should no longer crash if you eject the SD while playing music.
  • Should not crash (now just exits to loader) if no menu background is present.

0.06 Alpha

  • Added ogg vorbis support!
  • Added utf-8 support (including japanese/chinese if you select a proper font).
  • Changed default font to Deja Vu (no licensing issues).
  • Fixed background image not moving with screen adjustment.
  • Fixed seek bar allowing seeking using (+) and (-) on unseekable file formats.

0.05 Alpha

  • Improved scrolling on file list and dragging of seek bar.
  • Added seeking via (+) and (-) while hovering over seek bar.
  • Added cursor hotspot adjustment.
  • Added optional flashing drive light to music.
  • Added optional icons to file browser.
  • Fixed FFT.

0.04 Alpha

  • Added in background image capability.
  • Added seek bar.
  • Added new hotkeys. Left/right to select different songs. (1) to play/pause, (2) to stop.
  • Changed directory enumeration method to speed up changing directories and fix large directory crash.
  • Fixed bug where scrolling would stop one file short of the bottom.
  • Fixed some text ignoring theme settings for color.
  • Fixed modules not starting from the beginning after hitting stop then play.

0.03 Alpha

  • Refactored some code for easier addition of new codecs.
  • Added mp3/mp2/mp1/mpa support (libmpg123 for better quality).

0.02 Alpha

  • Added mod/xm/it/s3m support (dumb + mikmod to combine best of both, more files supported).
  • File browser now scrolls with next/previous.
  • Sounds do not have first bit cut off anymore.

0.01 Alpha

  • Added scrolling support to the browser.
  • Added (-) support to go up a directory quickly.
  • Added sequential play ability.

Third Public Build

  • Vastly sped up text rendering.
  • Fixed more sound quirks.

Second Public Build

  • Added graphic eq meter.
  • Fixed some sound inconsistencies.

First Public Build

  • Lists directories and files on SD card.
  • Plays wav files.
  • Includes limited theme support.