DMP Customization

Currently, without editing sources, Dragon Media Player allows new themes and languages to be developed and integrated.


Dragon Media Player supports virtually any language on the planet through language translation XML files and support for UTF-8. To create a new language, look at the languages/english/language.xml file included with your installation and go from there. New languages should be given their own directory inside the languages/ directory, but keep in mind that it is wise to stick to ASCII characters for the name due to the possibility of inclusion on installations lacking proper fonts to display non-ASCII. The default font that comes with Dragon Media Player should be capable enough of handling virtually any language outside eastern scripts. However, you may choose to do what some have done and release a language and theme pair that adds a proper font and language translation such as the Traditional Chinese option. Languages cannot specify a font of their own to use, but themes can.

The English language translation is included here for reference:

		<Setting>Screen position</Setting>
		<Setting>Wii light flash</Setting>
		<Message>Press HOME to close.</Message>
		<Close>Close Menu</Close>
		<Exit>Exit DMP</Exit>
	<Random>Random play</Random>	
	<Sequential>Sequential play</Sequential>
	<Repeat>Repeat play</Repeat>


Themes can include their own assets such as fonts and images. Currently, Dragon Media Player only supports loading PNG images, and the images themselves MUST have a horizontal and vertical dimension that is evenly divisible by 4. Sizes of given controls must also be evenly divisible by 4. Any other image type or dimension and DMP will reject the file and fall back to defaults. For a good reference, look at the themes/Default/theme.xml file included with your installation. New themes should be placed inside the themes/ directory. Aside from images, themes may include their own fonts to use. Place any fonts into themes/<your theme>/fonts/. Dragon Media Player will scan this directory first and then fall back to the system fonts directory so it is safe to include some fonts here and refer to default fonts as well. Any TrueType font should be supported and Dragon Media Player supports UTF-8 for file and language display.

A description of all possible theme settings is included as a reference. Keep in mind that not all of the settings are required and that Dragon Media Player will fall back to defaults if they are excluded.

Theme Description