DMP Features

Supported Sources

Each of the supported formats is hot-swappable. There are some known random crashbugs associated with hot swapping that I am trying to track down, but none that should impede general usage of the program. Once booted, Dragon Media Player does not need to read from its own installation unless themes or languages are switched, so the SD card can be swapped out for another that has additional music on it.

  • USB (FAT/FAT16/FAT32)
  • SD (FAT/FAT16/FAT32)
  • Samba

Using Samba

Samba may take awhile to enumerate, so please be patient for the first few seconds DMP has booted to see your Samba shares on the source browser. Dragon Media Player supports up to 10 differently configured Samba mountpoints. To add a mountpoint to DMP, browse to the shares/ folder in your installation and add a new xml file. The name of the file does not matter, just that it is properly formatted.

An example share is described below:


In the above example, Name denotes the share name as it would display on the file/source browser. In line with the example, the file browser would display music:// on the list. The Location is an IP address of the computer hosting the share. the Share is the actual name of the share according to the computer. If you shared a folder as Music on your computer, it would be added as above. The Username and Password is what to authenticate as on the hosting computer. Leaving this as Guest with no password should suffice normally. It is safe to add shares that will not always be present when DMP is running as it should figure this out.

Supported File Formats

Dragon Media Player supports an array of audio formats as well as a few playlist formats. Currently, all tracked and game formats play infinitely. This is by design as I am fond of repeating modules and such. However, in a future release, options will be added to allow this to be disabled.

Audio Formats

  • aac
  • flac
  • mp1/mp2/mpa/mp3
  • mp4/m4a
  • ogg
  • wav

Tracked Formats

  • it
  • mod
  • s3m
  • xm

Emulated Formats

Many of these formats include multiple songs per file. To seek between files, use the seek bar and press the plus and minus buttons on your remote.

  • ay
  • gbs
  • gym
  • hes
  • kss
  • nsf
  • sap
  • sc68
  • sid
  • snd
  • sndh
  • spc
  • vgm
  • ym

Playlist Formats

  • m3u
  • pls