DMP Sources

All sources appearing here should compile without issues under the latest devkitppc and libogc installation.

Main Sources

The main sources are available here. They should compile with the latest devkitppc/libogc releases. Dragon Media Player is released under the GPL version 2 and the source should be treated as such. If you have created a new audio source or found a bug in the sources, please let me know so I can test it out and include it in the next version of Dragon Media Player. As of version 0.21, DMP has merged the libWiiSPrite and libTinyXml into the main sources so they can be instructed to use DMP's native File class for file operations.

Helper Libraries

Dragon Media Player relies on several audio libraries and a few other helper libraries to get the job done. They are provided here for your convenience of compiling. If you have updated one of the libraries to a newer version, please let me know so that I can include it in a newer version of Dragon Media Player. All libraries below assume an implicit dependency of libogc and libpng.

libdumb 0.9.3

Partially responsible (along with libmikmod) for xm, s3m, it and mod formats. No dependencies.

libflac 10 0 2

Responsible for the flac format. Dependent on libvorbis as it also handles flac files packaged in an ogg container.

libfreetype 2 3 6

Responsible for TrueType font rendering. No dependencies. As of 1/6/2011 this has been fixed to include the missing ft2build.h header file.

libgme 0 5 2

Responsible for ay, gbs, gym, hes, kss, nsf, nsfe, sap, spc, vgm, and vgz formats. No dependencies.

libmikmod 3 2 0+

Partially responsible for (along with libdumb) for xm, s3m, it and mod formats. Includes modifications I made during DSOrganize development to allow playback of non-compliant xm files. No dependencies.

libmpg123 2008

Responsible for mpa, mp1, mp2 and mp3 formats. No dependencies.

libsamplerate 2008

Responsible for sample rate conversions due to Wii's inability to play sample rates other than 32/48KHz. No dependencies.

libsc68 2 3 0

Responsible for snd, sndh, and sc68 formats. No dependencies.

libsidplay rockbox 2008

Responsible for the sid format. No dependencies.

libvorbis 2008

Responsible for the ogg format. No dependencies.

libym 2008

Responsible for the ym format. No dependencies.